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Steve Tyerman



I paint the places with which I'm very familiar, I live in the hinterland of the Gold Coast so my landscapes are based on my property, the gardens and surrounding area. I also spend a lot of time along the coast of south east Queensland and far north NSW, my seascapes are inspired by this region. My art is an attempt to create a total synthesis of my visual sensations and lived experiences, they are emotional responses to these places tempered and informed by my keen interest in gardening, wildlife, literature and the natural world.

I am trying to show the grand, expansive views juxtaposed with the minute and intricately fascinating details, multiple viewpoints of the same place or area, combining different views of looking up, down and into the subject in varying scales. The passage of time from morning through evening or through a season, or even from one season to the next and the changing light that makes the same scene appear so different.

I'm interested in the way nature works, how one thing lives off another, pollinating, feeding, reproducing or becoming the food of another. The constant energy and activity that permeates even the most apparently still scene if we look closely enough. How the evaporation from the ocean finds itself in clouds above the mountains then falls as rain, trickling in streams, tumbling over waterfalls, through valleys and into creeks and rivers and back to the ocean. It is this connected cycle I find interesting. The life cycle of plants, animals and insects in this system and the way humans fit into all this with our roads and built environment. It is not just a landscape (that term seems too inadequate) but an endlessly complex ecosystem where everything has a role to play.

My ambition is to show all of these things in my paintings, the life cycle, the symbiotic relationships, the grand and the minute and the connectedness of all these elements. And of course you're always trying to show something more than the subject, you are trying to show something of yourself, your personality, your life and experiences.

Steve Tyerman, 2018

Steve Tyerman CV

Please find a copy of my CV here (PDF: 4.36 KB) in PDF format.