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Steve Tyerman



The ‘landscape’ has always been central to my art, for whatever reason I’ve continually felt compelled to artistically respond to and interpret my most familiar and immediate surroundings.

I find that I need a great deal of familiarity with a subject before I can paint it, because when you get to know a place you learn something of its many moods, its light, its shapes & sounds, maybe something of its history. You see the great infinite spaces and the intimate details, and you have experiences in these places. With my art I want to make pictures that bring all these elements together, to make my visual and emotional experiences palpable on the canvas surface.

To this end I’m always conscious of balancing two main aspects; I want the pictures to powerfully (or poignantly) evoke the subject that inspired the work but I also want the matrix of paint on the surface to be vital and alive, to create a compelling visual image in and of itself and to exist independently of the subject, so I attempt to conjure up the subject out of an accumulation of abstract marks. I believe that if the overall image is convincing (in terms of an underlying truth) but the means are slightly unorthodox or intriguing, then the picture will have more chance of holding my interest.

The pictures in my ‘Ebb & Flow’ body of work are based on the coastal landscapes of southern QLD and northern NSW, they are the result of spending a lot of time out in this landscape, sketching, painting en plein air and taking photographs. The works are a culmination of these processes and experiences.

Steve Tyerman, 2015

Steve Tyerman CV

Please find a copy of my CV here (PDF: 4.36 KB) in PDF format.